Bus # 1 | Off Grid Generator

We just ordered and purchased some off grid items for the bus; including the Generac iQ2000 Portable Inverter Generator 

  • Quiet, smart, long-running inverter generator
  • Smart LED dashboard shows fuel level, run-time remaining, wattage usage, and generator status
  • PowerDial integrates the start, run, and stop functions into 1 simple-to-use dial
  • Generac OHV engine provides long life
  • Low oil shutdown safeguards engine from damage
  • Parallel ready outlet allows you to connect 2 inverters together for more power (parallel kit sold separately)
  • Select from 3 engine speeds (turbo, standard and economy) – to save fuel and reduce noise


The generator will be used to charge the 4 deep cycle batteries we special ordered today, as well as provide power on days it;s raining or the sun isn’t shinning, preventing the new solar panels we also special ordered from doing their job to charge the batteries. The generator will also be use to run the future ductless 9500 BTU A/C unit we plan to purchase as soon as possible. Right now the generator could provide temporary power to run 1600 watts worth of lap tops, phone chargers, TV, LED lighting in the bus, and pretty much everything the bus will feature in the temporary conversion being done to the bus for some camping, plan designing and some off grid fun.