200+ Fruit Tree & Urban Garden In Tempe, Arizona

As you plan your future that may include; off grid living in a tiny or small home, or living off the land, or homesteading, as many in the tiny and small house movement are doing, this video by, DIY Homestead Project provides some great food for thought.  They visited, Jake, a vegan marshal arts athlete in Tempe, Arizona, to get a tour of his home's amazing garden he created to get some ideas and input for their homestead not far from Tempe. 

Arizona Tiny Homes, Arizona Homesteading, Arizona Tiny House Plans, Arizona Fruit Garden, Arizona Water Harvesting, Arizona Small HomesDIY Homestead Project is a young couple,  Derick and Hannah, who have purchased land and built a 24' feet long tiny house from scratch in the Arizona desert.  They are also digital entrepreneur nomads and promote a minimalist, debt free, lifestyle. They have some really great "How To" video's about their journey and we will be sharing some of those video's for those of you planning on building your own tiny or small home paradise.