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Texas Tiny Homes is a division of Bryan Smith Homes, a premier luxury home building company in Dallas TX, founded in 1977.  Texas Tiny Homes is available to build you one of our existing house plans, or we can custom design a home for you that meets your specific wants, needs and location.

1st-floor-presentation-x-350Once we determine what your wants and needs are, and based on your total cost budget, and your lot specifications, we can either move forward with pricing out one of our existing tiny house plans to be constructed on your land, or we can begin a preliminary design process if a custom plan is your preference.

Building One Of Our Plans On Your Land: Constructing a new tiny home requires a detailed set of plans, your specifications and a budget, which details the “sticks and bricks” methods of construction, and the total cost. A complete set of specifications, inclusive of all your selections, will be prepared and presented prior to closing the deal. The specifications and budget are inclusive of all your selections such as roofing, windows, doors, hardware, plumbing, tile, appliances and lighting. We generally do either cost plus contracts, or set price contracts, with line item allowances.

Modifying One Of Our Plans For You:  Any of our existing house plans can be modified to meet your specific needs, but you must first pay the posted retail price, not the, 85% to 95% discounted price, which includes up to 8 hours of free modification that usually cover most modification changes. We charge $75.00 an hour for larger modifications that require more than 8 hours, but will bid the changes you want done up front so there are no surprises.

Custom Designing A New Plan For You:  We charge per under roof square footage; including air-conditioned footage, covered porch and patio footage, and garage footage. We will first give you a quote per under roof footage based on what kind of home you want designed, its size and the amenities it will feature. We require a 60% retainer deposit and the balance due when the plan is complete. We also offer optional things like detailed interior and exterior renderings based on your finish out specifications. We use Pay Pal, one of the most trusted gateways on the internet and will send you a detailed contract that reflects the scope of work to be done and the total cost, and the deposit amount and balance. Our clients seem to love how easy and secure the process is.

Once you have paid the deposit will be begin designing the preliminary floor plan for your consideration, and feedback. This preliminary process gives us a chance to present you with ideas and features. Once the preliminary plans are approved and signed off by you, we hand off the plan to our of expert draftsmen or architects we work with who produce the plans using either Autocad or Chief Architecture architectural software, which allow for basic 3D renderings of the interior and exterior and a materials list. The software also allows for more precise renderings per your finish out specifications. We have custom designed plans for clients all over the world and you can check out our Houzz reviews here.

If you wish for us to build the home and the logistics work, we will then begin building your cost budget based on your selections, and finishes for your home. We work with you to prepare a detailed specification package; inclusive of all selections such as hardware, plumbing, tile, appliances and lighting and then we bid out the plans and specifications with our vendors, suppliers and subcontractors.


(Some of our Texas Hill Country plan clients in their new home)

Bryan has many satisfied customers over the last 39 years and can provide you with client and trade references when you have decided to hire Texas Tiny Homes to build your new home.


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